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Team Building - Skills for High Performance Teamwork
Skills for High Performance Team Work
Program Objectives
  • Understand the basics of interpersonal communication
  • Be able to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Understand the dynamics of how groups work
  • Be able to make effective decisions as a team
  • Be able to solve problems effectively as a team
  • Improve conflict resolutions skills
  • Improve person productivity and use of time

Module 1: Basic Communication
• How people’s perceptions and viewpoints differ
• The basics of face-to-face communication
• The difference between one-way and two-way communication
• To understand the skill of listening
• To improve active listening skills

Module 2: Giving and Receiving Feedback
• Learn what feedback is
• Discover how open or closed you are to giving and receiving feedback
• Learn to give effective feedback to others
• Learn how to receive effective feedback from others
• Practice giving and receiving live feedback from team members
• Make a personal improvement plan to respond to team feedback

Module 3: Group Dynamics
• Learn what group dynamics is
• Experience and discuss group dynamics in action
• Learn about group process and shared leadership
• Determine what you can do personally to improve group process skills
• Rate your team’s group process
• Identify how your team will improve its group process

Module 4: Team Decision Making
• Discuss barriers to group decision making
• Learn about methods of group decision making
• Practice consensus decision making
• Practice using a group decision-making model
• Identify how your team will improve its group decision making
• Review who is responsible for current team decisions
• Identify team decision issues to be addressed
• Discuss shifting to ideal team decision-making responsibilities

Module 5: Team Problem Solving
• The challenges of group problem solving
• A working definition of problem solving
• A model for group problem solving and how to use it
• How to do creative brainstorming
• How to use cause and effect diagrams to analyze problems
• How well your team is set up for effective problem solving
• The areas of group problem solving in which your team will improve

Module 6: Conflict Resolution
• Learn a definition of unhealthy conflict and how to keep from crossing over into it
• Learn about five different conflict management styles
• Use a model to help you to choose how to respond to potential conflict situations
• Assess which conflict styles you most often use
• Practice a Three-Step-Model for resolving conflicts
• Decide how you want to modify your conflict style and how you will better handle your current conflicts

Module 7: Time Management
• How you are currently using your time
• The barriers which keep you from managing your time more effectively
• The difference between the important and the urgent, and how to schedule time for the important
• To set professional goals to guide your use of time
• A systematic approach to managing daily events

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