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Personal Effectiveness - Trust Factor
The Trust Factor:
  Creating Win/Win Relationships
Program Objectives
  • Understand the core elements of trust and how to build trust by being trustworthy
  • Identify your weakening, collusive patterns of relating to others
  • View others in a way that promotes unity, trust, and goodwill
  • Learn the four styles of communicating and influencing others
  • Understand the three phases of interpersonal dialogue
  • Practice the dialogue skills
  • Develop the ability to confront poor performance and behavior problems
  • Learn how to interact with others in ways that strengthen

Module 1: The Trust Imperative
• Appreciate the need for a collaboration in our interdependent society
• Learn the definition and key elements of trust
• Evaluate the consequences of high and low trust within an organization
• Understand the importance of being trustworthy in building trust and rate your trustworthiness
• Receive feedback from others about your personal trustworthiness

Module 2: Collusion
• Understand the dynamic of collusion
• Be able to identify and diagram collusive relationships
• Write a personal story of collusion
• Evaluate the consequences of collusion

Module 3: A Change Of Heart
• Learn the four reasons we engage in collusion
• Identify payoffs and prices from our collusions
• Understand the folly of trying to get others to change
• Learn the two ways of being in our relationships with others
• Experience a change of heart towards others
• Learn and practice the skill of creating safe and trusting conditions

Module 4: Face-to-Face Communication
• Explore the role of communication in interpersonal relationships
• Learn about alternative ways of communicating/influencing others
• Identify your “native tongue” or preferred style of communicating
• Understand the consequences of an absence of dialogue

Module 5: Interpersonal Dialogue: Core Principles
• Understand the definition and meaning of interpersonal dialogue
• Learn a model and the core principles of dialogue
• Understand why mutuality is the “bedrock” of dialogue
• Learn how to create a pool of shared understanding
• Know how to solve problems in a win-win way
• Do a self-assessment of your skills in interpersonal dialogue
• Receive feedback from others regarding your dialogue skills

Module 6: Interpersonal Dialogue: The Steps
• Learn the steps of dialogue
• Practice the skills of mutuality
• Learn and practice various inquiry skills
• Understand the meaning and guidelines of advocacy
• Know how to identify and share your left-hand column
• Practice using the skills of dialogue
• Identify actions to improve your ability to engage in dialogue

Module 7: Harnessing Harmful Behavior
• Learn to confront behavior that fails to meet your expectations
• Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building trust
• Develop a set of non-negotiables for those whom you lead
• Practice the skill of harnessing harmful behavior
• Apply the skill to back-home situations

Module 8: Strengthening Our Relationships
• Understand the characteristics and consequences of co-dependency
• Know the difference between responsibility for and responsibility to another
• Learn a credo for your relationships
• Understand what you do that weakens others when you intend to help
• Learn the valuing process as a skill to strengthen others
• Evaluate what you do to strengthen others in your relationships
• Understand how contracting can be used to strengthen yourself and others

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